The Istanbul Carpets Exporters Association (İHİB) has brought the prominent names of the industry together on a special night on the 25th anniversary of its establishment, and awarded designers ranking the highest in the 8th Carpet Design Contest this year. “Carpenter of the year” and “doyen carpenters” awards were given at the awards ceremony organized to contribute to the training of the young carpet designers and to enrich the design power of the industry Vice Chairman of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu, Chairman of the Istanbul Carpets Exporters’ Association (İHİB) Uğur Uysal, Chairman of the Istanbul Ready Wear and Apparel Exporters Association (İHKİB) Hikmet Tanrıverdi, Chairman of the Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (İTHİB) İsmail Gülle, Chairman of Leather and Leather Products Exporters Association (İDMİB) Mustafa Şenocak as well as prominent names of business world attended the event held in Tophane-i Amire on Tuesday, November 11. Asgar Şefizadegan, Asım Kaplan, Avak Şirinoğlu, Demir Belli, Durmuş Güleç, Hasan Arslan, Hasan Çınar, Lütfü Ertekin, M.Nuri Güreli, Mehmet Başdoğan, Muammer Çetiz, Mustafa Çınar, Mustafa Yıldız, Osman Çepken, Recep Sefer, Rıza Alioğlu, Sacid Sezal, Sait Bayhan, Şemseddin Şengör, Vedat Durusel received doyen awards in the event. Erdem Kocapınar, Halit Kamaşak, Suat Terzioğlu and Ibrahim Yilmaz shared İHİB 25th Year Chairmanship Awards. Celaleddin Vardarsuyu received the İHİB Carpenter of the Year Award. The winners of the 8th Carpet Design Contest this year were Büşra Balota as the winner, Nilüfer Ünay Çubukçu as the second and Şükrü Burhanlı as the third. The first 8 finalists will be brought to the Domotex Carpet and Floor Coatings Fair to be organized by the Association in Hannover, Germany, in January 2015. The first, second and third best contestants were given 7 thousand, 5 thousand and 3 thousand TL monetary award. The other finalists were given a thousand TL. The finalists who ranked as the first three were also given 13’ MacBook Pro.

Carpet is the national brand of Turkey.

IHİB Chairman Uğur Uysal who made the opening speech of IHİB’s 25th anniversary and the 8th Carpet Design Contest said that carpet is the national culture and national brand of Turkey saying that “Carpet is one of our rare natural brands that represent Turkey worldwide. Ugur Uysal said, “Our ancestors came to this land from Central Asia, they used carpets instead of saddles on their horses, used them as a protective product on the tents, covered their pillows, sat and ate food on them. They brought Turkish carpets up until today. We have had considerable export achievements with the Turkish Carpet brand until now. With its 400 members, the Istanbul Carpet Exporters Association has 500 million USD direct exports and 1.5 billion USD exports through touristic sales. We are the only country in the world who can sell products with their own brand name to a tourist, that is, Turkish carpets. "

The carpet industry is growing faster than Turkey's average export growth. Turkeys exports grew by around 5.5 percent, while the carpet industrys exports grew by 8.7 percent in 10 months to 2 billion USD. The 2023 target of the sector is 5.5 billion dollars export and 22 percent global share.

Everything starts with dreaming.

Uysal underlined that Turkey ranked second in world carpet exports should increase this success to the first place and said that two big steps must be taken for this. Uysal continued: “As you know, nobody in the world remembers the second of any work. But they remember the first. If we want to rise to the first place, we must take serious steps and make investments in designing and then branding. That’s why the 8th Carpet Design Contest we celebrate tonight is very important. Ten years ago, when we brought this project to the agenda, there were not so many design competitions in general. In the years when we were saying this, those who were in the Board of Directors then described me as imaginative and very idealistic person thinking of impossible projects. But time has shown that everything begins with imagination and there we have come. We insisted on this project and put this project into life with the support of a few of our friends and anticipating that trade will change so much in the following years that no company without a brand, a design or a story can survive. This place is also very important to us because we did the 1st Carpet Design Contest here against so many opposition. We did not have much opportunity to do it here later, but we are in this place for the second time today. I also want to thank Mimar Sinan University in this regard. We are the new Board of Directors of İHİB and took office in April. When we took office, we announced a lot of projects and we quickly started to work very hard to fulfil these projects. Especially in the field of design and support for designers, we are trying to help them have a horizon and a future by providing university students with educational projects and on-site training in the factories and channeling them to the sector. It is truly a pleasure for us to see today that designers work in the industry for very good wages, that is to say that our project has directed the sector with our colleagues who made it to the finals in the past seven years and that they have added value to our country and have provided them with good designs. "

We are being treated like a step-child.

“In addition to all of these, the bureaucracy, which talks big on the Turkish Carpet as our president complains in every opportunity, has always treated carpenters like a step-child in real life. If three carpets are found in your bag in the airport in this country, you will be sued over being a smuggler. Carpet industry is the one that is put pressure on by the Ministry of Finance. Whenever the bureaucrats work on increasing the country's employment, they first call the carpenters. Because the cheapest employment is in hand-made carpet industry. However, our country is getting richer, it is getting harder to have a hand-made carpet woven in Turkey. You ask them to special support our national brand and national culture, but they do not give any support. You offer them to bring old Turkish people abroad to Turkey and to repair and maintain them and then export them for a price 10-20 times higher, and to provide high added value to our country', the same mindset prohibits the import of old carpets. In addition, the same bureaucracy tells you that drug is a high value-added product like old carpets, should we let the drugs as they have a high added value? In fact, the same bureaucracy should applaud all the carpet exporters who are contributing to being the second largest carpet exporter in the world today, despite all these troubles.

Halıkent is a clustering project.

Referring to Halıkent project, Uysal said, “Halıkent project is a clustering project, it also started with a dream like the design contest. We are talking about a complex, which will put the whole sector from export and tourist sales to small and medium-sized manufacturing of hand-made and machine carpets in a single place. We had the architectural drawings prepared. We are currently negotiating with TOKI for a land acquisition. As you know, we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. Of course, in those 25 years many board of directors have been in power and they have made great efforts for where we stand today. Tonight, we are extending our respect to all our board of directors and all our previous chairmen. On the other hand, we will try to honor the doyens of our sector as much as we can to whom we have not been able to give enough value for years at the presence of you. We apologize for forgetting them until today, but we should thank them for not hurting us and tonight we will present our respects to our seniors who have made the greatest contributions to where the industry stands today. We also make this project traditional. Starting from this year, we will reward our doyens who have contributed to this sector every year. Moreover, we will also give the Carpet of the Year Award, which will become traditional in the coming years and then continue every year starting from this year. This year, we will give this award to a senior who transformed the old carpets which lost their economic values in all the villages into a modern design, and opened a new business line in the sector. At the same time, we will also commemorate our former chairmen here tonight".

The carpet sector brings the past to the present.

Speaking at the ceremony, TİM Deputy Chairman Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu said that exports make a net contribution to the growth of a country's economy and that they have grown through exports. Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu stated that the rapid increase in exports ensured in the carpet sector reassures exports, “This is because our carpet industry is one of our most precious sectors we bring from the past to the future." He says that the carpet industry has a long way to go and that the sector’s exports will increase by 9 percent in 2013 to 2 billion 196 million dollars and emphasized that the acceleration should continue this year without slowing down. Çıkrıkçıoğlu stated that “The carpet industry is growing faster than Turkey's average export growth. Turkey’s exports grew by around 5.5 percent, while the carpet industry’s exports grew by 8.7 percent in 10 months to $2 billion. We expect this figure to rise further in the coming years. The 2023 target of the sector is 5.5 billion dollars export and 22 percent global share. We believe from the heart that we will attain these goals."

Design contests are supporters of exports.

Expressing that the design competitions provided significant contributions to Turkey’s export, Çıkrıkçıoğlu said, "As TIM, we make great efforts to spread these design contests to all sectors. Many sectors now organize design contests, and many of our sectors are also researching R&D project markets. Successful works from these events are also exhibited within the scope of the Turkey Innovation Week. Turkey Innovation Week which we will organize between 4-6 December this year will once again leave its mark on our country’s innovation culture. I’d like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to the Turkey Innovation Week event which we will be held in Istanbul Congress Center between 4-6 December. We believe that Turkey's future will be shaped by innovation and design." 

Image 3 from left to right: Winner of the contest Büşra Balota, İHİB Chairman Uğur Uysal, 2. Nilüfer Ünay Çubukçu, 3. Şükrü Turhanlı
Image 2 from left to right: Nilüfer Ünay Çubukçu, who was ranked 2nd in the contest received her award from the İHİB Chairman Uğur Uysal.



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