The new IHİB Board of Directors which took office under the chairmanship of Uğur Uysal after the election held in April made an announcement explaining their activities and new projects under 25 items in the last few months. İHİB Board of Directors keeps on working for one of these projects being announced as Halıkent Project. İHİB Board of Directors that intended to gather the carpet companies in Istanbul under one roof under Halıkent 

Uğur Uysal

İHİB Chairman

“We will continue to have meetings with the companies in the carpet industry about the further contributions we can make to the Halıkent Project”

Project held a meeting on October 15 with machine carpet companies about the project after the visits paid to Tevfik Göksu, the Major of Esenler, and to the officials of Giyimkent and Tekstilkent. İHİB Chairman Uğur Uysal, IHİB Board Members Ahmet Hayri Diler, Hasan Altuntaş, Fevzi Işıklı and Bülent Metin participated in the meeting which the machine carpet companies showed great interest in. Ugur Uysal's presentation was followed by the opinions of company representatives attending the meeting. Company officials expressed their positive views on the project and expressed that they have encountered with a very exciting project expected for years. Meetings will continue for Halıkent. İHİB Chairman Uğur Uysal who talked about what they have done about the Halıkent Project as the İHİB Board of Directors pointed out that the İHİB Board announced the activities they had already done in 25 items and that the Halıkent Project was among the most important of these announced activities. Mr. Uysal who also mentioned the visits they paid to the district municipalities of Istanbul, Giyimkent and Tekstilkent for the execution of the Halıkent Project stated that they would continue these kinds of meetings to get the views of the carpet companies about the project and to inform them. We take Masko as an example Uğur Uysal stated We need a space where the carpet industry is gathered together. This need is gradually increasing. That is why we are doing both research and getting ideas about where we can gather in Istanbul as carpet sector. Stating that they are planning a project similar to Modoko and Masko brought into life by furniture manufacturers for carpet companies, Mr. Uysal We are planning to create a center for the carpet companies to have large showrooms, warehouses and workshops. We are looking for a land of about 200 decares in order to collect all the carpet companies in Istanbul under one roof like Masko and to bring the Halıkent Project into the sector. We intend to bring the project including 200 stores, public areas, open parking areas, health facilities, İHİB Vocational High School and worship centers to the sector. We had our first meeting with Esenler Mayor Tevfik Göksu in order to turn the project into a reality. Then, we held meetings with the officials of Giyimkent and Tekstilkent. We will be in touch with all the municipalities to the north of TEM. We are in contact with TOKI to explain the projecthe said. The project is being addressed in all its aspects. Stating that rents have risen so fast in Istanbul, Uğur Uysal points out that the cost structure of carpet companies has reached a point where they cannot afford such increasing rentals. Uysal draws attention to the fact that rents are the biggest share after the personnel expenses among the cost items of the carpet companies under the increasing competition circumstances in the carpet sector, We, as the institution, started to concentrate on the Halıkent Project to overcome this problem faced by the industry. We, as the Istanbul Carpet Exporters Association, represent not only export companies but also carpet industry. As an association, we have put forward such a project to overcome the problem. We have taken Masko as an example. We developed an architectural outline taking into account the problems, observations, experiences and the deficits we have. We will continue to have contributions by holding meetings with the representatives of companies in the sector from time to time about what we could add more to the project. Our main goal is to eliminate the property problem we have experienced as a carpet sector in a cooperative manner. We are planning to hold a large meeting with machine carpet companies located around Sultanahmet in November. Hand-made carpet companies have begun to experience serious property problems with more and more hotels in their regions. As an institution, we have seen that a great progress has been made really fast if you put forward such a project. We believe that we will contribute to all carpet companies with this project whether they are IHİB members or not. 3-storey buildings, wide streets... Uğur Uysal who stated that the places used in Masko now consist of 2,5-storey buildings over 200 square meters noted that these areas have net use areas of roughly 500 square meters.

Uğur Uysal emphasized that store rents used to be very low in Masko have reached very astronomical levels in recent times and that things get worse when some companies rent several stores next to each other. Uysal said that they designed the places to be built in Halıkent project as buildings consisting of 3 storey depot, showroom and shop on an area of 500 square meters and stated that there would be a building consisting of blocks of 14 shops side by side. Stating that the buildings were designed to be exactly 3 floors, Uysal said that the companies could also revise the shops according to their individual needs. Uysal said that the shops would have wider façades than the ones in Masko, We also pay attention that the streets in Halıkent are designed wide enough to see no congestion. We also pay attention to create a wide area where two trucks can pass in order to avoid problems when loading and unloading behind the blocks. In addition, an exhibition area of 25 thousand square meters will be created in Halıkenthe said.


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