İstanbul Carpet Exporters Association, is one of the most important and symbol organizations of Turkish carpet sector.
İstanbul has an important share in carpet trade and İstanbul Carpet Exporters Association has vital role in the carpet industry.

İstanbul Carpet Exporters Association, founded in 1989, is one of the four export associations under General Secretariat of Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters Associations. www.itkib.org.tr

İstanbul Carpet Exporters Association has about 500 member firms mostly located around İstanbul.
İstanbul Carpet Exporters Association represents carpet industry to a large extent since member companies of the Association have approximately 20% share in total carpet export and almost 100% share in hand-made carpet export of Turkey.

İstanbul Carpet Exporters Association’s main goal is to increase carpet export of Turkey and promote Turkish carpet sector around the world. Besides, İstanbul Carpet Exporters Association also supports its members in all kinds of trade related activities.

Moreover, İstanbul Carpet Exporters Association, aims to promote common interests of the sector in both national and international platforms as well as in governmental levels.

İstanbul Carpet Exporters Association, performs following activities in order to achieve the goals mentioned above: